Performance Based Budgeting

Joint Hearing

Senate Appropriations Committee and

Senate Majority Policy Committee

September 20, 2016
Hearing Room 1 – North Office Building



1:00 PM – Senators Browne and Argall – Opening Remarks and Introductions.

1:15 PM – Senator Mensch – Opening Remarks and Discussion of SB 1341.

1:30 PM – Secretary Randy Albright, Governor’s Office of the Budget – Discussion of Commonwealth budgeting model and performance measurement in budgetary planning, preparation and implementation.

2:00 PM – Ms. Kathryn Vesey White, Senior Policy Analyst, NASBO – Performance-based budgeting in other states and its use to inform budget preparation and implementation.

2:30 PM – Gary VanLandingham, Principal Officer, Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative, The Pew Charitable Trust – Discussion of Results First Model and how it has assisted other jurisdictions in implementing a performance-based budget model.

3:00 PM – Mr. Frank T. Gallagher, Superintendent, Souderton Area School District – Performance-based budgeting experience at Souderton Area School District.

3:30 PM – Dr. William E. Harner, Superintendent, Quakertown Community School District – Performance-based budgeting experience at Quakertown Community School District.

4:00 PM – Mr. Uri Monson, CFO, Philadelphia School District – Performance-based budgeting at local government level.

4:30 PM  – Mr. Matt Knittel, Director, Independent Fiscal Office – Performance-based budgeting, SB 1341, IFO responsibilities and activities regarding performance measurement, establishing performance measures and evaluating outcomes in budget decision making.
Additional Testimony
IFO Report

5:00 PM – Closing Remarks and Wrap-up.

*** Johns Hopkins University Center for Government Excellence will provide written testimony.

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