2016 Senator for a Day – Schuylkill

Argall’s “Senator for a  Day” features nearly 100 students from Schuylkill County 

High school students from around Schuylkill County came together to learn about the legislative process at Penn State’s Schuylkill campus during Senator David G. Argall’s (R-Schuylkill/Berks) “Senator for a Day” program.

The students were divided into four different committees – finance, education, transportation, and state government. After the students were divided into their respective committees, they were then assigned to discuss, debate and vote on several different proposals, including cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle and the possible legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

Other bills focused on the elimination of school property taxes and an enactment of a natural gas fracking tax as well as a tax on cigarettes, tobacco, and lottery tickets. The seminar provided the students with a much greater understanding of the legislative process.