2015 Senator for a Day – Schuylkill

Student government seminar features over 80 students from Schuylkill County

Local students discussed a wide range of state issues during Senator David G. Argall’s (R-Schuylkill/Berks) annual Senator for a Day student government seminar at Penn State’s Schuylkill Campus on Thursday, May 14.

The program invited students to debate issues currently under consideration by the General Assembly. Proposals considered by the students included school property tax elimination, raising the driving age, fees for extracurricular activities, parental consent to join social networks, cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle, drug testing for welfare benefits, privatizing state liquor stores and monitoring of work e-mails by employers.

“In addition to teaching students about the legislative process, the Senator for a Day program offers students a chance to discuss and debate the merits of some of the most important issues facing Pennsylvania,” Argall said. “I am always impressed with the perspectives and insights shared by students during these events, and the thoughts and opinions offered during today’s program were certainly no exception.”

Students from 10 local school districts participated in the event: Blue Mountain, Mahanoy Area, Marian Catholic, Minersville Area, Nativity BVM, North Schuylkill Area, Pottsville Area, Saint Clair Area, Schuylkill Haven Area and Tamaqua Area.

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