February 19, 2010 Hearing

Senate Government Management and Cost Study Commission

MISSION: A Resolution (SR 161) establishing a commission of private and public sector cost-minded leaders of this Commonwealth to study the management of current government operations and to make recommendations of cost-cutting measures.


February 19, 2010
Hearing Room #1, North Office Building
10:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Meeting Agenda

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Opening Remarks/Chairman’s Election

Erik Arneson, Director
Communications and Policy
Senate Majority Leader Pileggi


David G. Argall,
Senate of Pennsylvania

Daylin Leach,
Senate of Pennsylvania

James D. Chiafullo,
Attorney, Cohen & Grigsby

Joseph A. Galli, Sr.,
Fmr. Superintendant,
Upper Darby School District

Kelly Lewis,
President and CEO, TechQuest PA

Robert Bittenbender,
Fmr. PA Budget Secretary

Zachary Scott,
United Postal Service

Patrick J. Eiding, President,
Philadelphia AFL-CIO Council

Mike Kolchin, Fmr. Associate,
Dean for Graduate Studies and
Professor of Mgt., Lehigh U.

John Zawarski,
Nic Zawarski and Sons Realty



Walter Baran,
Fmr. DGS Secretary
Governor Richard Thornburgh



a. Policy/Guidance for determining meeting dates and selecting agenda.

b. Staffing (e.g. Scheduling and organizing meetings, conducting follow-ups).

AdjournmentOther Business

AdjournmentOther Business


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