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  • Free Hard to Read License Plate Check in Mahanoy Township
  • School Bus Safety: Remember the Law!
  • The Education Funding Debate Continues
  • The Village at Houser’s Crossing: New Overnight Accommodations and Coal Region History
  • Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence
  • Visiting Immanuel Christian School in Hazleton
  • First-Ever Tamaqua Railfest Next Weekend
  • Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

Free Hard to Read License Plate Check in Mahanoy Township 

LAST CALL: Is your license plate worn out? You can get it replaced for free at an event I’m hosting with Rep. Dane Watro. A Mahanoy Township police officer will be on hand to inspect your plate to determine if it’s illegible.

For more information or to RSVP, call my toll-free number: 877-327-4255.

School Bus Safety: Remember the Law!

Parents, students and teachers are preparing to head back to school to start the new academic year. Soon, school buses will be transporting students again, and that requires additional caution from all drivers.

Pennsylvania law requires motorists to stop at least 10 feet away from school buses when their red lights are flashing and their stop arm is extended. Motorists following or traveling alongside a school bus must also stop until the red lights have stopped flashing, the stop arm is withdrawn, and all children have reached safety. Do not proceed until all the children have reached a place of safety. Read more about school bus safety here.

Penalties for failure to obey school bus safety laws can result in a $250 fine, five points on a driving record and a 60-day license suspension.

The Education Funding Debate Continues

Rep. Martina White wrote an op-ed about how we MUST save our students trapped in consistently failing schools.

Her comments reference a recent public hearing of the Senate Education Committee which I chaired in Reading where we listened to parents who want their children to succeed, yet feel their local public school doesn’t best support their needs.

The budget passed with bipartisan support by the Senate included $100 million (0.2% of total spending) to give students in the lowest performing 15% of schools other educational options.

Despite his previous public support, Governor Shapiro vetoed this funding, delaying the budget for months. Because of his reversal, much work remains for us to implement the education portion of the state’s budget.

If you support this scholarship program to aid students in these troubled schools, you can sign the petition here.

The Village at Houser’s Crossing: New Overnight Accommodations and Coal Region History

For years, we’ve heard many note the need for overnight accommodations in the Tamaqua area. Several local entrepreneurs have now stepped forward to address that need.

I was invited to take a tour of The Village at Houser’s Crossing, just south of Tamaqua, yesterday. It’s a peaceful place to stay and experience the beauty and culture of northeast Pennsylvania.

Earlier this year, the village was named an Anthracite Cultural Landmark for their work in breathing new life into this small, “patch town” community, over 100 years old!

Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence

On Saturday and Sunday, visit Lehighton for the annual Ukrainian Festival, hosted by the Ukrainian Homestead of CEC ODWU. Gates open at noon both days. There will be ethnic food, vendors, dance performers, and more, with some of proceeds going to aid the people of Ukraine affected by the war.

My bill to prevent Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars from being used by companies who do business with Russian war criminals has been approved by the Senate State Government Committee and is now awaiting consideration by the Senate.

I represent some of the most concentrated communities of Ukrainian Americans in the United States. They’ve been telling me since the Russian government first began its unprovoked and devastating invasion that they do not want our tax dollars supporting these war criminals.

Visiting Immanuel Christian School in Hazleton

At the request of the Immanuel Christian School in downtown Hazleton, I visited both their lower and upper school today to see their recently completed renovations. They offer a specialized, small-class education to prepare their students for both higher education and the needs of the workforce.  

Thank you for the invitation! If anyone wants me to visit your local school, as your State Senator and as the new Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, please contact me through any of my local offices.

First-Ever Tamaqua Railfest Next Weekend

The Tamaqua Railfest is 10 days away. There will be train rides, mining tours, crafters and vendors, and so much more centered around the restored 1874 Tamaqua Railroad Station on August 26th.

Many of us can remember when the station was a symbol of blight, not a symbol of pride.

But people came together — and we saved the station…. Brick by brick, window by window, door by door. Not only is the reopened restaurant very busy, but it’s also the keystone of local celebrations like Railfest and a massive source of community pride. It only happened because people worked together in a very successful public-private partnership.

Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

As the dog days of summer drag on, we have to protect our pets from the heat. The American Red Cross has tips to help your pets stay safe:

  1. Never leave your pet in a hot vehicle.
  2. Limit exercise on hot days.
  3. Walk your pet in the grass.
  4. Make sure they have access to shade and plenty of water.

Even taking proper precautions, pets can overheat. Heat stroke is a common problem for pets. Learn the signs and what to do if you suspect your pet has heat stroke here.

In addition to elevated temperatures, summer brings other potential safety issues for pets. Swimming in a pool is a great way to stay cool, but it can be dangerous for animals. Never leave your pets unsupervised around a pool.

Barbecues can also be unsafe, so keep your pets away from the grill and know what foods can be poisonous to them.

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