Schuylkill County Roads and Bridges Win State Grants for Major Upgrades

HARRISBURG – Projects to improve roads, bridges, and downtowns across Schuylkill County won state grants totaling almost $2.5 million from the Multimodal Transportation Fund (MTF) today, according to Sen. Dave Argall (R-29), Rep. Jamie Barton (R-124), Rep. JoAnne Stehr (R-107), Rep. Tim Twardzik (R-123), and Rep. Dane Watro (R-116).

“This highly competitive state funding will be a significant boost to local efforts to breathe new life into our older downtowns,” said Argall. “Safer roads and bridges improve our lives here, every day.”

“New sidewalks don’t just improve the value of a property or community; they offer a safe pathway for walkers, joggers, and strollers,” Barton said. “They also invite people from out of town to visit and shop in our communities. And while culverts aren’t a glamorous part of our infrastructure, their upkeep and maintenance are imperative for road safety.”

“It is critical to maintain our roads, sidewalks and bridges because they serve as the main lifelines of our community,” said Stehr. “I am pleased that this grant funding will be allocated towards enhancing our local transportation systems, recognizing the vital role they play in our community’s prosperity and connectivity.”

“This funding represents a substantial commitment to bolstering our community’s economic growth and enhancing our multimodal transportation system,” said Twardzik. “I extend my sincere gratitude to all involved in securing this funding, especially Sen. David Argall whose steadfast efforts have greatly contributed to advancing our state’s development. I eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on our residents’ daily lives.”

“These grants will go toward ongoing projects designed to enhance the streetscapes in both municipalities, which is critical to attracting new development and jobs,” said Watro. “I gladly joined Sen. Argall in wholeheartedly supporting both projects and advocating for the funding that’s needed to make the improvements.”

Projects that received grants include:

  • Barry Township – $425,858 to replace the bridge on Hill Road over Hansyost Creek.
  • Orwigsburg Borough – $500,000 to replace sidewalks throughout the borough.
  • East Brunswick Township – $125,000 to replace the culvert on Pine Creek Road.
  • Frackville Borough – $420,000 to repair sections of sidewalks throughout the borough.
  • Frailey Township – $100,000 to replace the Clark Street Bridge over Good Spring Creek.
  • I-81 Logistics, LLC – $200,000 to make improvements to State Route 61 in West Mahanoy Township.
  • Mahanoy City Borough – $415,000 to make streetscape improvement along Main Street.
  • Schuylkill Haven Borough – $300,000 to make streetscape improvements along the Parkway section of State Route 443.

The grants were approved during a public meeting of the Commonwealth Financing Authority today through the MTF. The MTF, as created by the General Assembly, provides funding to encourage economic development and a safe, reliable system of transportation to residents of Pennsylvania.


CONTACT: Jim Brugger (Argall)

William Jones (Twardzik, Stehr)
Jake Gillespie (Barton)

Andy Briggs (Watro)

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