Deer Lake, East Brunswick Township Parks Awarded State Grants

HARRISBURG – State grants totaling over $250,000 were awarded to two projects to improve outdoor recreation spaces in Schuylkill County today, according to Rep. Jamie Barton (R-124) and Sen. Dave Argall (R-29).

“This highly competitive state funding will be a significant boost for two local parks that bring our communities together,” said Argall. “The last few years have demonstrated more than ever why it is so important to have quality outdoor spaces for us all to enjoy.”

A project to make major updates and repairs to the spillway and sluiceway of the Deer Lake Dam was awarded $200,000. The dam serves as the basis of Deer Lake Park, as it creates the lake. The full project also includes updating the playground and recreational facilities.

“I’m extremely excited about this grant,” said David B. Crouse, the President of Deer Lake Borough Council. “We’ve been working on this for years. It’s going to seal the deal on keeping our community recreational facility open for everyone to enjoy. Deer Lake Borough Council, the mayor, our engineer Systems Design Engineering, Deer Lake residents, and I are appreciative that this has happened.”

“The importance of the funding for Deer Lake can’t be overstated,” said Barton. “This money is going toward crucial repairs to the dam’s spillway, which will keep the area safe. Some funding will also be used to improve the playground and its accessibility.”

A project to renovate the tennis courts at East Brunswick Township Park in McKeansburg was awarded $65,136. This funding will also be used to install a new pickleball court.

“The people in our area work incredibly hard,” said Barton. “The harder we work, the more important it is to have places to go to unwind. This money will be used to make major improvements to East Brunswick Park, giving people of all ages the chance to get outdoors and have some fun.”

Both grants were awarded by the Commonwealth Financing Authority today via the Greenways, Trails, and Recreation Program, which funds projects to develop, rehabilitate, and improve public parks, recreation areas, greenways, trail, and rivers. This program is funded through unconventional gas well impact fees.


CONTACT: Jim Brugger (Argall)
Jake Gillespie (Barton)

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