Meeting to consider HB 34, HB 121, HB 2484 HB 2633, and public hearing on SB 996

Senate State Government Committee

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 | 10:00 a.m.

Hearing Room 1, North Office Building


  • House Bill 34 (Day) – Providing for the safe and secure transport of ballots.
    • Amendment A05725
  • House Bill 121 (Ecker) – Swaps 0.043 acres of Project 70 land in Adams County between the Game Commission and the Department of Transportation to facilitate the construction of an interchange.
    • Amendment 05705 will add-
      • HB 2836 (Hennessey) – Southeastern Pennsylvania Veterans Center (7.2 acres) conveyed to Pennhurst Holding, DE, LLC for $220,000
        • East Vincent Township, Chester County
      • SB 1340 (Argall) – 5.529 acres of PA DoT property to the Bear Creek TWP Volunteer Fire Hose Company for $61,000
        • Bear Creek Township, Luzerne County
      • SB 1328 (Browne) – Allentown State Hospital (165.846 acres) conveyed to City Center Investment Corp. for $5,500,000
        • Cities of Allentown and Bethlehem, Lehigh County
      • SB 1346 (Corman) – SCI Rockview (13.26 acres) conveyed to Centre County Industrial Development Corporation for $1,560,000
        • Brenner Township, Centre County
      • SB 1137 (Argall) – A portion (5.8 acres) of the Hamburg Center conveyed to the Berks County Intermediate Unit for $25,000.
        • Windsor Township, Berks County
  •  House Bill 2484 (Mizgorski) – Removes qualifying write-in candidates from the ballot if they do not file a Financial Interest Statement.
  • House Bill 2633 (Topper) – Comprehensive reform to the Uniform Athletic Agents Act.
    • Amendment A05712 –
      • Amends the definition of “Athlete agent” to clarify that it does not include a coach or other school employees acting within the scope of their employment.
      • Updates the language on penalties for perjury to be consistent with other statutes.
      • Requires further information (state of offense and date of offense) be supplied by registering agents with prior disciplinary offenses in other states.
      • Improves legislative language on certain notification requirements.
      • Requires the State Athletic Commission to develop and maintain a database for all registrations of an athletic agent.

Agenda for Public Hearing on SB 996

10:30 a.m.:         Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Senator Argall and Senator Street

10:35 a.m.:          Senator Doug Mastriano

  • Prime sponsor of Senate Bill 996

10:40 a.m.:         Parents Panel

  • Megan Brock
  • Jamie Walker
  • Maria Ault
  • Fenicia Redman

11:00 a.m.:        Dr. Chaminie Wheeler, DO – Testimony

11:15 a.m.:          Parents Defending Education  

  • Alex Nester, Political Director, PDE Action

11:30 a.m.:         Pennsylvania Advocacy for Children’s Education

  • Matthew Contreras

11:45 a.m.:         Parental Rights Foundation

  • William A. Estrada, Esq., President – Testimony

12:00 p.m.           Closing Remarks

  • Senator Street and Senator Argall
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