Argall: Governor Wolf’s Vetoes Require Constitutional Amendments

HARRISBURG – Legislation sponsored by Senator Dave Argall (R-29) was approved by the Senate today to give the people of Pennsylvania the ability to decide several amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Requiring the use of identification at the polls, authorizing audits of elections, and limiting the ability of any governor to act on major issues without the approval of the House and the Senate are included in Argall’s legislation. Governor Wolf has vetoed many similar bills in the past eight years.

Constitutional amendments, when approved twice by the House and the Senate, go directly to the voters for their decision and are not subject to a veto by the governor.

“Past governors, Republican and Democrats, have worked with this General Assembly, frequently coming to the negotiating table again and again to find bipartisan solutions to the problems facing Pennsylvania. Why are we here today? We’re here today because that has not been the case with this governor.”

“We’re here because this governor has refused to work with the House and the Senate, so we have no choice but to proceed via the constitutional amendment process and give the voters of Pennsylvania the final say.”

Governor Wolf has vetoed 59 bills, more than any governor since the 1970’s.

Senator Argall’s full remarks in support of SB 106:

Contact: Jim Brugger


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