Bill to Limit Courts’ Role in Congressional Redistricting Advances to Senate

HARRISBURG – A constitutional amendment limiting the role of the courts in the process of congressional redistricting was passed by the Senate State Government Committee today, according to committee chair Senator David G. Argall (R-29).

“Senator Sharif Street and I faced an uphill battle in our bipartisan efforts to negotiate a new map of Pennsylvania’s congressional districts.  Unfortunately, the governor never came to the table,” said Senator Argall.  “My hope is that my constitutional amendment will ensure the legislature and the governor negotiate in good faith in the future, thereby reducing the role of the courts in this impactful process.”

The committee also voted to approve Senate Bill 1018, a bill ensuring the accuracy of Pennsylvania’s voter registration records; Senate Bill 959, a constitutional amendment to nullify any department orders issued during emergency declarations once the declaration expires; House Bill 1614, a bill to increase the required number of paper ballots printed by precinct; and Senate Bill 1122, a bill designating the Hershey Kiss as the official candy of Pennsylvania.

All bills now head to the Senate for its consideration.


Contact: Jim Brugger


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