Meeting to vote on SB 959, SB 1018, SB 1122, SB 1166, and HB 1614

Senate State Government Committee

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 | 10:00 a.m.

East Wing, Room 8E-B


Meeting to consider SB 959, SB 1018, SB 1122, SB 1166, and HB 1614


Senate Bill 959 (Martin) Constitutional amendment to nullify any department order issued under an emergency declaration, once that declaration is rescinded. 

Senate Bill 1018 (Aument) Ensuring the accuracy of Voter Registration Records. 

Amendment A03828 (Argall) – Moves the bills language from a newly created section into the current section §1222 (SURE system) and makes some editorial changes.

Amendment A03790 (Mastriano) – Mirrors SB 1097 (Mastriano) 

Senate Bill 1122 (Collett) Designating the Hershey Kiss as the official candy of Pennsylvania. 

Senate Bill 1166 (Argall) Constitutional Amendment limiting court drawn congressional district to one election cycle. 

House Bill 1614 (Warner) Election Code amendment increasing the required number of paper ballots printed by precinct.  

Amendment A03688 (Argall) – Adds “at least” to make the number of printed ballots a minimum requirement.



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