Schuylkill County Land Bank Receives Demolition Grant

HARRISBURG – The Schuylkill County Land Bank has received a $100,000 grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development’s (DCED) Keystone Communities Program, according to Senator David G. Argall (R-Berks/Schuylkill) and Representative Tim Twardzik (R-Schuylkill).  The first portion of this grant will be used for the rehabilitation of a blighted home on School Street in Minersville that has been in disrepair for years.

“I was pleased to hear the Schuylkill County Land Bank was chosen to receive this highly competitive grant,” said Argall.  “Blight affects us all – it lowers our property values, it strains the real estate market, it hurts our schools, it breeds crime, and poses a serious threat to our safety and well-being. This issue continues to be a top issue in many of our older communities.”

“Grant programs like this, from the Department of Community and Economic Development and their Keystone Community Program offer great opportunities to communities like ours,” said Twardzik. “The Schuylkill County Land Bank continues to be a useful tool in our toolbox, that works to eliminate blight in our county, spark positive change and improve lives one project at a time. I am thrilled to hear of the grant that Minersville will be receiving. We stand ready to work side by side DCED and the Schuylkill County Land Bank to bring further prosperity to our neighbors.” 

Helen Miernicki, the Schuylkill County Land Bank Administrator, noted that this grant will have a positive impact on Minersville. “We will have a property will be back on the tax rolls as a viable entity.  This helps the County, Borough, and School District and will positively impact the community, especially the neighbors that have to look at blight every day.  With the help of Senator Dave Argall, we will change the path of this property.  The overall quality of life will be improved for the residents and the supply of good housing for people in Schuylkill County will be expanded.”

Contact: Jim Brugger


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