Program examines bipartisan approach to saving Frackville state prison


HARRISBURG – Senator David G. Argall (R-Schuylkill/Berks) and Representative Neal Goodman (D-Schuylkill) are highlighting recent efforts that led to keeping SCI Frackville open earlier this year.

As part of “The Argall Report,” a monthly locally broadcast television program from Sen. Argall, the local lawmakers focus on a recent hearing chaired by Argall in Harrisburg featuring the Department of Corrections as well as local delegations making their respective case as to why certain prisons should remain open.

“This program provides some insight into how a bipartisan, regional, fact-based approach led by Representative Neal Goodman and my office kept the Frackville state prison open,” Argall said. “If you want to see a true definition of a bipartisan team effort, this is it. We are extremely grateful to all the individuals, elected officials and organizations who poured a lot of time into this victory for the community and region. The county came together as one and fought to keep this prison open.”

“SCI Frackville is still open because the entire community – from prison staff to elected officials at all levels to community leaders and the 5,600 individuals who signed our petition from Schuylkill County and beyond– came together to make it happen,” Goodman said. “We knew SCI Frackville is one of the best run facilities in the state, and we proved it with facts and clear, reasoned arguments.  The overwhelming response from the community – and in such a bipartisan manner – showed administration officials the community supports this prison and its staff members 100% and will continue to be a partner in the future.”

In January, the Department of Corrections and Governor Wolf announced that five prisons, including SCI Frackville, were under consideration to be closed as part of a cost-saving measure. The department and governor said only two prisons would close. Secretary Wetzel later announced the department would only close one prison in Pittsburgh.

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