State and national trends in demographic changes

Senate Majority Policy Committee

Public Hearing 

State and national trends in demographic changes 

September 27, 2016 | 9:00 a.m. 

Hearing Room No. 1
North Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120


9:00 a.m.

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Senator David G. Argall, Chairman, Senate Majority Policy Committee

9:05 a.m.

Demographic Change in the United States and Pennsylvania and its Implication
Jennifer Van Hook, Ph. D. – Presentation
Director, Population Research Institute and Professor of Sociology and Demography, Pennsylvania State University, College of the Liberal Arts

9:35 a.m.

Demographic Change in Pennsylvania’s Five Largest Cities
John D. Landis, Ph.D. – Presentation
Chair, City & Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania

10:05 a.m.

Generational Change and its Potential Impact on Government Programs
Maureen McClure, Ph.D. – Presentation
Associate Professor, Administrative and Policy Studies, University of Pittsburgh

10:35 a.m.


Additional Information:

The Fiscal Implication of Pennsylvania’s Aging Population

Robert P. Strauss
Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

Yunni Deng
Research Analyst, IMF

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