South Heidelberg sewer easement signed into law

SOUTH HEIDELBERG TOWNSHIP – The governor signed a measure into law yesterday to help improve sewer lines in South Heidelberg Township, according to Senator David G. Argall (R-Schuylkill/Berks), who introduced the proposal.

Senate Bill 1022 conveys a permanent sanitary sewer easement and a temporary construction easement in South Heidelberg Township to run a sewer line through Wernersville State Hospital grounds. The easement only allows the Municipal Authority of South Heidelberg Township to make improvements to the sewer line. The state will maintain ownership of the property.

Argall noted that the project is expected to reduce water infiltration into the old hospital lines and save township taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“The easement not only allows the township to complete this project in a way that saves taxpayer dollars, but also holds the potential to prevent the need for even more costly repairs in the future,” Argall said. “This approach should allow the project to be completed with the minimum amount of disruption to the local community and lowest cost to taxpayers.”

South Heidelberg Township Manager, Ronald Seaman, noted the positive impact this would have on the township and its residents.  “I was pleased to hear that the Governor signed SB 1022 today and the long awaited easement for our sewer project can move ahead,” Seaman said.  “A huge, “Thank You,” goes out to Senator Argall and his staff for their diligence in getting this legislation enacted.  It will save the taxpayers of South Heidelberg Township hundreds of thousands of dollars by enabling the decommissioning of two (2) of our oldest pumping stations. Without his efforts and the assistance by Representatives Cox and Knowles, I am certain the end results would have been prolonged or not been successful in reaching passage and signing. We commend all of these individuals for assisting their constituents.”

Representative Jim Cox (R-parts of Berks/Lancaster) who assisted with this endeavor stated, “This law is an example of state government working with local government to do what is best for local residents and taxpayers,” Cox said.  “We are working together toward the common goal of saving taxpayers money.”

The legislation takes effect immediately.

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