Senators propose study of state office space holdings

HARRISBURG – As part of their ongoing efforts to find ways to eliminate unnecessary state spending, state Senators David G Argall (R-Schuylkill/Berks) and Randy Vulakovich (R-Allegheny) want to know if the state’s office space holdings have matched the downward trend in the number of people employed by the state.

Toward that end, the legislators recently introduced a Senate Resolution directing the Joint State Government Commission (JSGC) to study how the Department of General Services utilizes space within the Commonwealth in both leased and owned buildings, garages, storage facilities and all other property. The study would also direct the JSGC to compare how the Commonwealth procures, leases, and utilizes space from the private sector in the hopes of finding efficiencies in current policies.

“Senator Vulakovich and I want to know if the reduction in state employees over three decades was followed by a reduction in state owned and leased office space,” Argall said. “We believe there are opportunities to save valuable tax dollars by reviewing the way the state procures office space. This resolution will show us where the biggest cost savings exist.”

“Over the last 35 years, the number of state employees has decreased by more than 28,000 positions. That represents a 26 percent reduction in people, the question is whether there has been a corresponding reduction in office space,” Vulakovich said. “This study will also determine if the state is using that office space in a practical and efficient manner.”

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