Argall disappointed in governor’s veto of vital state funding to schools, social services

HARRISBURG – Senator David G. Argall (R-Schuylkill/Berks) released the following statement regarding the governor’s veto of the emergency funding budget:

“Today’s veto by the governor is another blow to local school districts, social service agencies and nonprofit organizations. Specifically, the emergency funding package would have provided $88.6 million in funding for school districts in the 29th Senatorial District. The voters in the last election voted for a divided government; not a dysfunctional government. I suggest we look at issues where there is agreement that the state needs to act, including school property tax reform, as a starting point.”

Below is a list of school districts in the 29th Senatorial District, the amount of funding vetoed by the governor and estimations when school districts will be jeopardy with cash flow without the emergency budget:

School District County Total Major Subsidy Distribution Est. Months to Cash Flow Difficulty Without Stop Gap
Conrad Weiser Area SD Berks 3,969,104 March
Fleetwood Area SD Berks 3,731,985 March
Hamburg Area SD Berks 3,918,798 March
Kutztown Area SD Berks 2,363,052 April
Schuylkill Valley SD Berks 2,280,987 May
Tulpehocken Area SD Berks 2,634,913 April
Wilson SD Berks 5,701,858 April
Panther Valley SD Carbon 3,872,138 December
Hazleton Area SD Luzerne 18,177,116 December
Blue Mountain SD Schuylkill 4,652,574 April
Mahanoy Area SD Schuylkill 3,499,006 October
Minersville Area SD Schuylkill 2,709,418 January
North Schuylkill SD Schuylkill 4,505,141 January
Pine Grove Area SD Schuylkill 3,436,256 January
Pottsville Area SD Schuylkill 6,350,836 February
Saint Clair Area SD Schuylkill 1,587,847 November
Schuylkill Haven Area SD Schuylkill 2,996,161 January
Shenandoah Valley SD Schuylkill 3,118,360 December
Tamaqua Area SD Schuylkill 3,778,435 March
Tri-Valley SD Schuylkill 2,192,163 November
Williams Valley SD Schuylkill 3,220,376 November
TOTAL 88,696,524



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