Senator Argall’s Statement Regarding Governor’s Budget Address

HARRISBURG – Senator David G. Argall (R-29) released the following statement regarding today’s budget address by Governor Tom Corbett:

“Unlike the federal government, we must spend within our means and today’s budget address re-emphasized that. The taxpayers I represent have asked their state government to do more with less, which is what we have done during these difficult economic times. Most importantly, his budget plan does not come with any tax hikes for the hardworking taxpayers I represent.

“I am pleased to see some programs that have a track record of success in our classroom receive a boost from the state. Specifically, the governor’s request for $10 million for hybrid learning reflects my ongoing efforts to boost this proven program through a proposal I have introduced in the Senate. As a part-time professor who employs hybrid learning methods—this method of learning is successful.

“I am partnering with Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati to look at ways we can curb misuse of taxpayer-funded assistance, which we believe would generate further savings for the taxpayers.

“Finally, I remain committed to reforming the way we fund our public schools. The governor’s budget would increase funding from the state, and I would like to remove a major hurdle for many of my constituents – the unfair school property tax system. Governor Corbett mentioned this issue of ever-increasing school property taxes. Senate Bill 76 would solve this issue.

“Governor Corbett’s budget proposal represents a starting point in the annual budget process. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I look forward to asking important questions of the various state agencies and departments during the upcoming hearings to find how state government can live within its means and better serve taxpayers throughout the state.”

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