Senator Argall Emphasizes Jobs at Redevelopment Conference

HARRISBURG – During a legislative conference hosted by the Pennsylvania Association of Housing and Redevelopment Agencies, Senator David G. Argall (R-29) pressed the need for redevelopment projects to create additional good-paying, private sector jobs in Pennsylvania’s small towns and large cities.

Addressing conference attendees in Harrisburg on Monday afternoon, Argall noted, “Blight can create a downward spiral in a community, but positive revitalization efforts can be every bit as contagious. The 2010 passage of the Neighborhood Blight Revitalization and Reclamation Act and the 2012 Land Bank Law has given those committed to fighting blight the tools they need to make a difference.”

“Revitalization projects don’t just reduce blight; they provide new jobs and spur economic development,” Argall said. “Many of my constituents have told me that their communities need more assistance for revitalization and demolition. We need to be more creative in identifying solutions to the War on Blight, and I plan on exploring all options as the new Chairman of the Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee.”

“Our goal is actually quite simple: More jobs and less blight,” Argall concluded.

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