Senate Establishes Task Force on the Prevention of Violence

HARRISBURG – Senator David G. Argall (R-29) recently co-sponsored a bipartisan resolution that will establish a special statewide task force to review new measures to prevent violence.

The task force will consist of over 20 public officials and experts on the issue of violent crime to provide for various viewpoints and wide-ranging discussion on the topic.

“This task force is a step in the right direction,” Argall said, who co-sponsored the resolution. “We cannot have a knee-jerk reaction to the terrible tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, but we have an obligation to review the issue, especially as it pertains to mental health.”

Argall cites several cities, including Chicago and Washington DC, which have high gun-related crimes despite strict gun control laws in place.

“It is my hope that we can find more effective ways to curb violence than policies that have failed repeatedly in the past. We have to keep our children and communities safer,” Argall said.

The Senate adopted the resolution during a floor vote Tuesday.

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