Argall Supports Comprehensive Review of State Education Funding

HARRISBURG — Sen. David G. Argall (R-29) has cosponsored a comprehensive review of Pennsylvania school funding.

While education is the biggest annual expense for state government, the original “costing-out” study released in 2007 recommended that Pennsylvania increase funding for education by more than $4 billion. This resolution directs the Joint State Government Commission to conduct an additional review to focus on the 82 Pennsylvania school districts that achieved a high level of academic achievement at the lowest cost to taxpayers.

“It is extremely important to ensure that our children have access to a quality education, but we must also ensure that taxpayers are not asked to foot the bill for expensive education initiatives that do very little to improve student achievement,” Argall said. “We have provided generous increases in funding for education in recent years, and I am hopeful that this study will help to ensure that every school district uses this money wisely and effectively to improve the education of our young people, at a minimum cost to the taxpayer.”

A Senate Education Committee report in December found that the original study did not follow the intent of the law, which was designed to study exemplary school districts to help struggling districts to improve student achievement and implement cost savings.

The resolution to conduct a new study was introduced by Sen. Jeffrey Piccola (R-15), Chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

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