Argall, Knowles Hail Latest Tamaqua Facade Improvement Project

TAMAQUA – Together with community officials and business leaders, State Senator David G. Argall (R-29) and Representative Jerry Knowles (R-124) today celebrated Tamaqua’s largest downtown business revitalization improvement project to date.

The “La Dolce Casa” project is the 76th business improvement project since the Tamaqua downtown revitalization program’s inception in the 1990’s.

“Today, and every day, tens of thousands of people drive through that intersection and they see our new reality….they see a community literally rebuilding itself, building by building, block by block,” said Argall. “These improvements will last for generations, and we’re not slowing down the pace a bit, despite a very difficult economy.”

“Alfie and his team are to be commended for their tireless work, as well as their large financial commitment,” Argall added. “Remember what this building used to look like, before Alfie and company rolled up their sleeves and went to work. This building was in such poor condition the first time Micah Gursky and I walked through it that we feared we’d have to find a large sum of tax dollars to have it demolished.”

“Alfie, it took a very special kind of vision to look at THAT—and understand, that someday, someday, after many many thousands of pizzas and wonderful, tasty plates of pasta, that it could someday look like this. Alfie, thank you for believing in this community.”

“Combining public grants with private investment serves as the primary catalyst for change in our communities,” said Knowles. “The Tamaqua area should be proud of these improvements and continue to make them a catalyst for change.”

“The façade improvement came out really nice and I am pleased, as a business owner, to have been part of this important program,” said Alfonso Picone, owner of La Dolce Casa Restaurant. “Improving the downtown was our overall goal.”

Argall also recognized Ted Block, Dale Freudenberger, Dr. Bruce Geiger, Micah Gursky, Todd, Trevor and Glenn Miller of M&S TrueValue Hardware, and Linda Yulanavage for their tireless work with the downtown revitalization effort.

Contact: Nick Troutman

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