Argall Urges Action on State Budget, Funding for Higher Education

HARRISBURG – State Senator David G. Argall (R-29) today voiced his concern with the House approved budget bill that eliminates funding for Pennsylvania’s community colleges, state-owned universities and higher education grants and loans, and would force a future tax increase. House Bill 1416 passed the House of Representatives, 104-95.

During today’s Session, Argall voiced his support for passing a “no-tax” increase budget that controls state spending, while providing support for institutions of higher education.

“The proposed House budget does not provide a single dollar for higher education in Pennsylvania,” Argall said. “Essentially, that version of the budget will hold our college and university students as hostages, in order to somehow force us to increase the personal income tax and our business taxes,” he added.

Argall further stated, “I hope we all understand the value of higher education. My entire paycheck each month, at least, back when I still received a paycheck, goes to pay my children’s college tuition, and will for several more years and I know, that’s not unusual, as many of the constituents in the six counties I represent face the same dilemma. Holding those 165,000 PA college students, my son, my daughter, their friends and all their parents, along with thousands of state employees as hostages during this budget debate, is just plain wrong.”

Argall also voiced concern with Governor Rendell’s proposal to deny federal stimulus funding for the universities of Penn State, Temple, Lincoln, and Pitt. This approach was ultimately rejected on a bipartisan basis by 14 of our 19 congressmen and the Federal Department of Education.

“The House failed to achieve the goal of a balanced budget (that does not raise taxes) last week,” Argall said. “I am hopeful that, here in the Senate, we can correct their failed strategy.”

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