Harhart, Argall Announce Government Cost-Savings Resolution

SLATINGTON – State Senator David G. Argall (R-29) and Representative Julie Harhart (R-183) announced today that they will both introduce resolutions to identify cost-saving measures in state government.

The resolutions would create a bipartisan commission made up of appointees from the private and public sectors to help the General Assembly eliminate unnecessary government spending. The resolutions would utilize House and Senate Appropriations Committee staff with no additional cost to the taxpayers.

“The General Assembly needs to be more cost-conscious when spending taxpayer dollars in doing the people’s business,” said Harhart. “In the mid 1990’s, my original resolution created the Improve Management Performance and Cost Control Task Force commission (IMPACCT), which produced significant savings over a five-year period. We would do well to re-establish this watch-dog group with the continuing goal of re-engineering and streamlining state government to make it more efficient and less costly.”

“With this terrible recession placing greater strains than ever before on many of our family budgets, this private/public sector commission can help us identify real savings that will be important to balance future budgets and avoid unnecessary tax increases,” Argall said. “The current budget debate provides ample proof that such a cost-cutting commission is desperately needed at this time.”

Representative Harhart and Senator Argall are now seeking cosponsors for the resolutions, which will be introduced next week.


Nick Troutman

Scott Little

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