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  • Governor Shapiro Blows up Bipartisan Budget Compromise
  • 175 Years in America!
  • July Argall Report: History and Recreation in Carbon County
  • Coal Miners’ Heritage Festival
  • Seth Hubler Speaks at Penn State Schuylkill Graduation
  • Fourth of July Celebration for Good Causes in Luzerne County and Beyond
  • Senate Protects Sexually Exploited Children, Human Trafficking Victims

Governor Shapiro Blows up Bipartisan Budget Compromise

Only a few days after the Senate passed our bipartisan state budget, Gov. Josh Shapiro went back on one of his priority campaign commitments to support a key school choice initiative. He now says he will veto that provision—the same provision he had supported on national television last week.

Every child in Pennsylvania deserves the opportunity for a quality education, which is why the budget plan passed by the Senate last week expanded educational programs and fully funded the governor’s requested amount for basic education for school districts at historic levels.

All of this leaves us without a state budget one week after our June 30 deadline.  Stay tuned, this will NOT be easily resolved.

175 Years in America!

Nine years ago, my son AJ and I visited my very-distant cousin Ian Argall at the shoemaker’s cottage my ancestors left in St. Agnes, Cornwall, in 1848.

Tomorrow, July 8, holds a special significance for my entire family—it’s 175 years since our ancestor Thomas Argall first arrived in the United States.

 On July 8th, 1848, he arrived in New York Harbor on the Roscius from Liverpool, England with his wife, Jane, and their first three children. More children later were born to join their growing family in Pottsville.

When I asked my distant cousin, Ian Argall, why Thomas and his family would leave a beautiful seaside village in Cornwall on a difficult voyage to America to seek work in another mining community, his answer was simple: the Irish Potato Famine also devastated Cornwall, the local mines were closing, and they left so they would not starve. 

It’s fitting that he arrived here the same week we celebrate the founding of our nation. So many of our families share similar stories – it’s an important reminder of what it means for all of us to be Americans.

July Argall Report: History and Recreation in Carbon County

The July edition of my monthly tv program features sites in Carbon County that were recently awarded highly competitive state grants, including the Asa Packer Mansion and the Lehighton waterfront.

While visiting the Lehighton Outdoor Center, I spoke with employee Cindy Sterling about neighboring communities. We talked about the importance of working together to breathe new life into our towns – watch our conversation above.

This and all previous editions are available on my website.

Coal Miners’ Heritage Festival

This Sunday is the Coal Miner’s Heritage Festival at the No. 9 Coal Mine and Museum in Lansford. Visit from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. to check out the history and culture of our area on display. In addition to tours of the mine, the event will feature food and craft vendors, live music, coal miner themed competitions, and more.

Seth Hubler Speaks at Penn State Schuylkill Graduation

Seth Hubler, who works in my Mahanoy City office, recently gave remarks at this year’s graduation ceremony at Penn State Schuylkill. He spoke about the importance of learning through experience, and how the many opportunities that presented themselves throughout his time in college helped shape him into the young man and leader he is today.

The quote Seth used at the end of his speech is one we all should remember: “When a window of opportunity opens, don’t pull down the shade.” – Tom Peters.

Seth has been interning for both Rep. Tim Twardzik’s and my office since the summer of 2021. After two years of excellent work, I hired him full time to work as one of my field representatives.

Watch his full speech here.

Fourth of July Celebration for Good Causes in Luzerne County and Beyond

Rep. Dane Watro, Paul DeAngelo, Mayor Jeff Cusat, me

July 4 was the 3rd annual Independence Day Charity Event hosted by the Paul and Lisa DeAngelo Family Foundation, to support the local autism community, youth sports, cancer research and disabled veterans. City View Park in Hazleton was packed – thank you for inviting me!

Senate Protects Sexually Exploited Children, Human Trafficking Victims

The Senate approved bipartisan legislation to ensure that sexually exploited children who are human trafficking victims always have full access to appropriate services and support.

Under current Pennsylvania law, any minor who is exploited for commercial sex must identify their third-party perpetrator to be considered a victim of human trafficking, unless their purchaser is charged as a trafficker.

Senate Bill 44 would ensure that third-party control is never a consideration for access to victim services. Senate Bill 45 would eliminate the third-party control requirement to access victim services under the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline Notification Act.

This week, I also toured the Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center (SARCC) in Schuylkill County. They offer 24-hour support to survivors of sexual abuse and are located in Pottsville.

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