Senator Argall’s Remarks on the 2020 Election

In light of widespread concerns regarding the security of Pennsylvania’s 2020 election, Senator David G. Argall issued the following statement:

“First off, I would like to echo our State Senate Leadership’s calls for Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar to resign as well as House Speaker Cutler’s call to audit this year’s election process.  Secretary Boockvar’s ever-changing guidance regarding the process for receiving and canvassing mail in ballots is unacceptable. Her actions have undermined both the Constitution, which gives the sole authority for determining the process for elections to the State Legislature, and the Election Code.  The rules for how mail in ballots are to be counted were clearly laid out before the election, but Boockvar’s eleventh hour guidance muddied the waters.  I would recommend reading the full statement from President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and Majority Leader Jake Corman here.

“I would also like to emphasize that the Senate of Pennsylvania has joined with the Pennsylvania GOP in litigation that is currently before the United States Supreme Court regarding the mail in ballot deadline extension.  This case seeks to overturn the partisan ruling that was previously made by Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court that allows mail in ballots received up until Friday, November 6th but postmarked by November 3rd to be counted.  This ruling clearly goes above and beyond what the Legislature intended when crafting the election code, and I would encourage the Supreme Court to take up this case.

“Lastly, if anyone has personally experienced any instance of fraud while you were voting, please share your concerns with my office so we can help pass your case along to the proper authorities.  We all want the same thing in this election: a fair process where every legal vote is counted, and everyone can have faith in the ultimate result of the election.  My office is here to assist you if you believe that your right to vote was taken away during this election.”


Contact: Jim Brugger