Argall: Governor Reverses Course on Right to Know Legislation

HARRISBURG – Governor Wolf has elected to allow a bill requiring his administration to begin responding to Right to Know Requests become law without his signature after previously signaling that he would veto it, according to Senator David G. Argall.  The bill was passed with unanimous, bipartisan support in both chambers of the General Assembly. 

“I am glad Governor Wolf saw reason and decided to allow this bill to become law,” said Argall.  “Transparency is critical to the responsible operations of a democracy, especially during times of crisis.  The Governor is not above the law, even in times of emergency.”

House Bill 2463, sponsored by Representative Seth Grove (R- York), aims to clarify that the Governor’s administration must still respond to Right to Know requests regardless of whether physical offices are open.  Many state agencies have failed to respond to Right to Know requests since covid-19 mitigation measures went into effect back in March.

Contact: Jim Brugger