This month’s Argall Report: Safely Reopening Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG – This month’s local TV program hosted by Senator David G. Argall (R-Berks/Schuylkill) focuses on the safe reopening of Pennsylvania following the COVID-19 outbreak and the Governor’s unilateral shut down order.

During a recent speech on the Senate floor, Senator Argall pleaded with all public officials that they should listen to their constituents rather than resort to name-calling. Prior to the speech, Governor Wolf called local officials, who wanted to move their counties to the yellow phase of the Governor’s re-opening plan, “cowards”.

“All of us, including the Governor should listen to the public,” Senator Argall said. “The consent of the governed, that’s what this this is about. To all of us and to the Governor, remember that rather than name calling we have the ability to restore our constituents’ faith in democracy – to again receive the consent of the governed. The time to do that is now”.

On May 26, Senator Argall, chaired a meeting of the Senate Majority Policy Committee that examined the safe re-opening of western Pennsylvania’s economy. The meeting was requested by Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-Beaver/Greene/Washington). The workshop heard from a number of employers and health experts who detailed their experience under Governor Wolf’s unilateral shut-down action.

During his opening remarks, Dr. Steven Shapiro, who serves as UMPC’s Chief Medical Officer said “We can’t be put in a position to have to choose between death by pathogen or death by our economy.”

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 Contact: Joshua J. Paul