Senate Votes to give Local Communities the Power to Reopen

HARRISBURG – The Senate voted today to pass Senate Bill 327, which would give local communities more discretion over allowing employees to return to their livelihoods, according to Senator David G. Argall.  Argall is the prime sponsor of this bill.  

Senate Bill 327 gives counties the authority to develop plans to reopen small businesses shuttered by the Governor’s statewide closure order, if they comply with CDC and State Department of Health employee safety guidelines. Additionally, the bill creates a COVID-19 cost and recovery task force.

“Local people should have a say in the mitigation measures implemented in their communities,” said Argall.  “Applying the same strict measures to rural towns and densely populated cities places an undue burden on people in our small towns who just want to make an honest living and safely put food on the table for their families.”

The bill now heads to the House for its approval.

Contact: Christine Verdier