Senator Argall’s Prime-Sponsored
Legislation 2015-2016 Session

Bill Number

Description of Bill Current Location
SB 404 An Act establishing guidelines and procedures governing certain investigations of correctional officers; authorizing certain civil suits by correctional officers; and providing for impact of collective bargaining agreements and for summary suspensions. (Co-sponsor memo) Referred to Senate Labor and Industry, Feb. 5, 2015
SB 486 An Act amending the act of April 8, 1982 (P.L.310, No.87), referred to as the Recorder of Deeds Fee Law, authorizing an additional fee to be imposed and used for demolition; and making an editorial change. (Co-sponsor memo) Referred to Senate Appropriations, April 22, 2015
SB 482 An Act amending the act of July 7, 1947 (P.L.1368, No.542), known as the Real Estate Tax Sale Law, in sale of property, providing for Optional County Demolition and Rehabilitation Fund. (Co-sponsor memo) Referred to Senate Urban Affairs & Housing, Feb. 13, 2015
SB 554 An Act amending the act of May 17, 1921 (P.L.682, No.284), known as The Insurance Company Law of 1921, providing for retroactive denial of reimbursement of payments to health care providers by insurers. (Co-sponsor memo) Referred to Senate Banking & Insurance, Feb. 25, 2015
SB 639 An Act providing for licensing of elevator contractors and mechanics; and imposing duties on the Department of Labor and Industry. Referred to Senate Labor and Industry, March 13, 2015
SB 748 An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in general provisions relating to operation of vehicles, further providing for obedience to authorized persons directing traffic; and providing for drivers of certified escort vehicles; in other required equipment, further providing for identification of certain vehicles; and, in size, weight and load, further providing for scope and application of chapter and for conditions of permits and security for damages. Referred to Senate Transportation, April 21, 2015
SB 795 An Act amending the act of December 20, 1985 (P.L.457, No.112), known as the Medical Practice Act of 1985, further providing for definitions and for applicability of act. Referred to Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure, May 1, 2015

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